Grief and it's Service

from by Without



I lost my mind in Glendale
After you died,
I relapsed and waited,
by the mailbox for that check.

Life always finds a way
to keep things in their place
this existence of misery
is getting old
i never sleep.

i stare at figure of the woman
the sole reason my heart beats
and i wonder, if she were to leave
how would i
finally kill myself

theres a note, a letter somewhere
with your initials on the stamp
covered in blood
from when i split
my knuckles on the mirror

if you could look inside, if only
you’d find a torn piece of paper
ramblings of my loss
the acting of loss
of grief’s services rendered to me.

people say the worst things to me
oh, she died so peacefully
(she died so peacefully)

i’ve seen things since you’ve left
your family fall apart
your son avoid the unknown
your daughters eat each-other
my mother’s youngest being fed
their scraps of empathy.


from 06​.​12​.​1940, released August 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Without Phoenix, Arizona

Pissed and pretty.


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