Paradise Found and Lost

from by Without



your ashes adorn my neck
beside where i received
the touch of god
from a god that never
cared for me
came to exist
loved me.

Loss and what follows
All the shackled
Memories loose.
How could a mother,
Do that to her son?

Now i hate mostly
Everything and everyone
The sound these
Voices make as
They beg for god
To hear them
To fear them.

A smile doesn't
Match a face
A heart filled
By religious chaste
Put them in water
Make them drown
With a badge
Reading I believed
I believed
I believed
"At least I believed"

around them, i worry
about footing within
the family and what
we refuse to believe
we lost.
the matriarch, some
were gifted to call their mother
a home to show our children
one to relive the youth
we lost.

I will never kneel.
I will never bow,
my head as a sign,
of respect and appreciation.

Your god means nothing to me
His son means nothing to me


from 06​.​12​.​1940, released August 10, 2015
Additional vocal by Joel Taylor



all rights reserved


Without Phoenix, Arizona

Pissed and pretty.


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