No Hummingbirds

from by Without



drowned a smoke
in a body of water
murked, muddy, and still
but i could see: you
poised in your grace

you, you were standing
in front of a cross
while, behind it
the family cowered
holding their rosaries
bating their breaths

i miss the feel
of your fingers
on my palm, your skin
breaking and staying
as it would.

watching you claw your way up
out of a couch
i wish i could’ve killed you myself
to see you conscious again
to share in those last few breaths

time is never kind
i’m sorry, that they lied, too
you didn’t look young or made up.
you just looked beautiful
you were always beautiful,

I smashed my first into the mirror.
I let the blood run down my wrist.
and i knew, i knew
If we saw each other again it’d be in hell.

i dug my nails into my wrist
i screamed, at the wall
i wanted to hurt myself
i was too late, you were

life isn’t meant to be
cyclical, or anything
I don't think.
We are born to die,

(You were so beautiful.)

Why am I so haunted
By the loss of someone
Just constantly in pain

Why am I so bothered
By the loss of someone
Whose life was only pain

Maybe I'm meant to hurt alone
Just loss and pain and the grief


from 06​.​12​.​1940, released August 10, 2015
Additional vocals by Ian Smith, Joel Taylor and Adrian Flores.



all rights reserved


Without Phoenix, Arizona

Pissed and pretty.


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